Whenever performing, to sing the highest possible quality a cappella, 4-part harmony in the barbershop style.

To reach out to the youth of our community at schools or other places, to share the joy of singing as a lifelong recreational activity.

To do all things reasonable and necessary to assure for the benefit of the members of the Valley Harmony Singers that their grandchildren's children will have the opportunity to sing barbershop in their time.

To be kindly, supportive and helpful to our fellow Valleyaires in their efforts to sing barbershop harmony.

To encourage the formation and performance of quartets for singing barbershop harmony at Chapter meetings, performances, shows, contests and for the public in general.

To participate with chorus and quartets in every Society contest in which we are eligible.

To have all chorus members able to read music well enough to practice and learn their part and for qualified members to teach those who need help.

To spend adequate time outside of Chapter meetings studying and practicing their part for rehearsal at the next Chapter meeting.

To give complete attention to the person directing, coaching, or teaching the chorus with no cross-chatter.

To try to be at Chapter meetings and seated, ready to sing by the scheduled beginning of practice. every Monday.

To be proactive in helping the elected leaders of the Chapter carry out their assigned duties by taking on responsibility as needed to "get the job done".

As a person privileged to be a member of the Valleyaires, do everything I can to help the Valley Harmony Singersachieve its stated objectives set forth in the Mission Statement.