Jeffery Bunch

Associate Director

Jeffery was born into a musical family. His mother was an opera singer and her aunt sang in traveling minstrel shows around the country. His father played guitar in a bluegrass band that performed all over his local area in Illinois. When Jeffery was 7 years old his mom taught him the way she learned to sing. Throughout the next few years, he sang with his mom and her best friend in their church cantatas. His mom's friend sang baritone, his mom would sing soprano and Jeffery sang mezzo-soprano.

Fast forwarding a few years. When Jeffery was 14, he formed the South Gate House church band with some church friends to play at his church’s functions. Jeffery played rhythm guitar and sang melody, with other band members playing drums, guitar, and piano.

Many years later Jeffery reconnected with his friend from the church band, and they decided to form a new band, the Eastside House Band. Since his friend’s wife played keyboard, they decided that they needed another three members.  After interviewing three other guys for parts in the band they were lucky enough to find an agent to help them. They toured Australia for four months, returned home, and then went their separate ways.

In the early 1980s, Jeffery heard a barbershop chorus in concert and decided to join them.  After singing with that chorus for a few years, he joined the Valleyaires (which later changed its name to the Valley Harmony Singers) becoming the chorus manager and then the lead section leader. He later joined The Pasadena Crown City Chorus and became their lead section leader.  Jeffery also sang with three barbershop quartets.

Over the past decade, Jeffery has been the Valley Harmony Singers tenor section leader, and then the section leader for the lead section.  Continuing as Chorus Manager Jeffery is also responsible for all that is necessary in providing costumes, risers, sets, props and logistics for our shows and other performances, In 2018, Jeffery accepted the position of Associate Director for the Valley Harmony Singers.