Invitation from the Oceanaires to All Jamulus Barbershoppers

As I mentioned in my previous note, I am interested in an open Jamulus room that could be used by ALL barbershoppers to sing together.  We (the Santa Monica Oceanaires) have been using Jamulus for a little while, but frequently can not attract a large enough group to cover all four parts, so I would like to invite all interested BSers to use our site SMO Polecats.  My suggestion is that anyone interested in hosting at any time, pick a time and send an e-mail to this distribution list for further distribution to interested membership.  Keep the expectations low, like you might in a convention lobby, and for starters let’s just do some Polecats. 
This is not intended as a chorus rehearsal, so all levels of ability, voice, gender and familiarity are welcome.  Those without the interest or technology to join in the singing can join to simply listen.  This is all about reminding us of what it is like to sing with other humans in real time. 
I will start by opening up the lobby for singing at 7:30 PM Pacific time tomorrow, Tuesday March 30.  Drop in an sing a few for thirty minutes or so.  It will do you good!
Jim McElwain
President, SM Oceanaires