A Message from Our President

WE KEEP MOVING ON by Jack Press, President

Our Chapter and Chorus have been weathering this pandemic very successfully. We have maintained our weekly rehearsals and monthly Board and Music Team meetings on Zoom.  Sad to say there are a number of chapter/choruses in the Society who have not done as well as we have.  Thanks to our membership, we consistently have 19-21 singers show up for rehearsal on Zoom. Our Breakout 

Rooms give us an opportunity to rehearse our repertoire and learn new songs.  A big thanks goes to Tom Raffety, Director - Bob Karlin, 

Communications VP and our Section Leaders Jeffery Bunch-Lead, Kathie Edwards-Tenor, Mark Wolf-Baritone, Phil Lockwood-Base, for pulling this all together.

Very soon we will be able to sing together on Zoom, in four part harmony, by using a program called Jamulus.  This allows us to all sing at the same time with our voices and words all coming out together.

The Meet-Up App has been a source for prospective members.  This allows people who are interested in the Barbershop style of music,

an opportunity to join us in our rehearsals, to see what we are all about.

We look forward to the time, very soon we hope, when we can get back to live rehearsals and sing the songs we love.